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73 sound effects - UI & HUD, Ambience Loops, Weapons, Impacts, Monsters, and more!

SFX Preview: https://soundcloud.com/chrislsound/sci-fi-sfx-pack-preview

SFX (.wav - stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit)

  • Amb_Alarm_LOOP
  • Amb_EnergyHum_LOOP + Down (2 total SFX)
  • Amb_EnergyPulse_LOOP + Down (2 total SFX)
  • Amb_Engine_LOOP + Startup (2 total SFX)
  • Amb_InnerMind_LOOP
  • Amb_RadioStatic_LOOP
  • Amb_SmallMotor_LOOP
  • Amb_Space Loop Layers: Groan, Hiss, Noise, Squeaks, SubBass (5 total SFX)
  • EnergyGun_Charge 1-2 w/ Loops (4 total SFX)
  • EnergyGun_Shoot 1-2 (4 variations each, 16 total SFX)
  • Menu_Close 1-2
  • Menu_Open 1-2
  • Menu 1-4, each w/ NavA, NavB, SelectA, SelectB (16 total SFX)
  • Misc_AirlockRelease
  • Misc_BassSynthSwell
  • Misc_Beep1
  • Misc_Beep2
  • Misc_BreathAttack + BreathSweep (2 total SFX)
  • Misc_CrunchySweep
  • Misc_DissolveSweep
  • Misc_ElectricBuzzSweep
  • Misc_EnergyBlastRise
  • Misc_GlitchBuzz_LOOP
  • Misc_GlitchInterference_LOOP
  • Misc_GlitchNano_LOOP
  • Misc_GlitchNoisy 1-6
  • Misc_MonsterBreath 1-2
  • Misc_MonsterGrowl
  • Misc_MonsterRoarReverb
  • Misc_Scanning_LOOP
  • Misc_SpringySweep
  • Misc_TechRise

Contact: ChrisLSound@gmail.com

If you have any requests or are interested in hiring me for custom music/SFX, please send me an email!


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this SFX pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Sci-Fi SFX Pack 47 MB


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really like those, used some of them in my last game, moonshooter.

Cool! Thanks for letting me know!

Did you make some of them spooky on intentionally? Like I was sold by those ones at the end in the preview, great work mate!

Thank you — glad you like them! Metroid Prime was a big inspiration for this pack, so the spookiness makes sense :)


I'm not seeing any license information.. Any restrictions on using these?


Sorry about that -- just added license info. You're free to use them commercially or otherwise. I just ask you credit me, if possible. Thanks!